Why Studios Need Los Angeles Film Locations

By Amy Takhmazyan | April 23, 2020

When a science fiction film is being produced, it’s not surprising that many of the film’s backgrounds are created using computer generated imaging or built on a studio back lot. That’s because this is a fantastic film that’s not based in reality, or at least for the most part. But, when a film is trying to deliver a believable story, studios will usually opt for actual, physical Los Angeles film locations to serve as the backdrop.

For this type of movie, the producers may require an average-looking single family dwelling in which the film’s family will be experiencing some type of inner turmoil or crisis. Or, they may need a slightly dilapidated apartment building to lend their story the realistic atmosphere of inner city plight.

While studio craftsmen and technicians can pull off some incredible effects and magical moments; this type of realism can only be found at Los Angeles film locations that actually exist.

Additionally, when a studio is producing a film, television program or commercial, time is money. And most executives don’t want to wait for a backdrop to be created from scratch; they would rather pay for a Los Angeles film location that’s already available and ready for filming. Therefore, studios of all sizes are constantly on the lookout for suitable film locations in Los Angeles or the surrounding area that conveniently fit within their script’s set descriptions and timeframe allowances.

For those individuals who register their property as a Los Angeles film location, their property will be made available for viewing through online databases like the one available from 5starfilmlocations.com. It is through these directories that many studio location scouts find their ideal Los Angeles film locations. Once your property is chosen as a film location, the studio will pay you a daily rate for the right to use it in their production. And depending on a number of factors, that could be quite a significant amount of money.

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