Turn Your Home Into a California Film Location

By Amy Takhmazyan | December 23, 2020

Does your home have what it takes to star in a major motion picture? If you believe that it does, then why not submit your property for consideration as a California film location?

Registering your home as a Los Angeles film location can provide you with a number of exciting benefits, including:

  • Being paid by the studios for the use of your property (sometimes thousands of dollars per day!)
  • Once featured in a film, your property value will increase
  • Your property will be forever known as the one seen in “insert blockbuster title here.”

Many of our favorite films feature memorable, real-life California film locations. For instance, the home of Christopher Lloyd’s character, “Doc” Brown, in the film, Back to the Future, is someone’s actual house in Pasadena, CA. Also in Pasadena are the houses used in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Zathura, among many others.

The owners of these properties were paid handsome sums of money for allowing Hollywood production crews to film in and around their homes. And the great thing is, once you register your property as a California film location, it can be used over and over again. Feature films, television programs and commercials all require real-life backdrops and Los Angeles film locations, so why can’t it be your property?

Registering your property, home or business as a California film location is simple. Just visit 5starfilmlocations.com and click on the “Submit a Property” tab. Then, simply fill in the criteria. A professional photographer will take numerous photos of your property so film location scouts will have a great idea of what type of filming opportunities are capable at your location. Once chosen, your property will then join the ranks of some of Hollywood’s most beloved California film locations.