How to Catch the Eyes of California Location Scouts

By Amy Takhmazyan | February 23, 2021

Everyone wishes they could work in the movies, but only a select handful of talented people ever really get the chance. But, you may be surprised to learn of a quicker, and perhaps easier, way of getting into the movie-making industry.

I’m talking about registering your home or property to be considered as a film location.

Of course, while it may be easier than landing a walk-on role, there are certain things you need to consider before seeing your home on the big screen. First, you have to catch the eyes of California location scouts.

What California Location Scouts are Looking For

When searching for the ideal setting for a film, television program or commercial, most California location scouts have certain things they are looking for. Some of these considerations include:

  • Sizable interiors to fit the cast and crew comfortably
  • Suitable power supplies to handle the demands of the filming equipment
  • Ample parking to handle the crew’s trucks
  • Flexible homeowners and understanding neighbors
  • Acceptable lighting situations throughout the course of the day
  • Acceptable price range for the project’s budget

Improve Your Chances With California Location Scouts

Most California location scouts have a range of resources they use to find the ideal filming location. But, one of the most popular is online location databases. These directories make it easier than ever for scouts to customize their searches so they can instantly view suitable matches for the criteria they enter.

By registering your home or business with an online location database service, you are placing it in the direct line of view of some of the industry’s best location scouts.

Your best course of action is to talk with your neighbors to see if any of them will have any reservations about welcoming a film crew in your neighborhood. Then, determine if your property meets or exceeds the criteria listed above. If you believe that it does, then visit an online database service like and register your property as a possible film location. A professional photographer will schedule an appointment to take a number of shots designed to showcase your property’s potential.

Once a California location scout notices your property matches their director’s vision, you’ll be notified by the studios and paid handsomely for the use of your home or business.