Frequently Asked Questions

If the company decides to use your house then 5 Star Film Locations, Inc. re-enters the process and negotiates the rate that they will pay you for the job. Our commission is added to your rate. (Standard commission in the industry is 30%.)
Example: If you are receiving $7,000 dollars for a day of filming, the company pays $10,000. Our commission is $3,000. 5 Star Film Locations, Inc. will never charge more than 30%.

Next, there will be what they call a "tech scout". This usually occurs a couple of days before the shoot. The company comes to your house and walks through each step of the shoot with the director of photography. 5 Star Film Locations, Inc. will attend this part of the process and then prepare a contract to specify exactly what was discussed and agreed upon during the tech scout. (Frequently, 5 Star Film Locations, Inc. may decide to charge the company more after the tech scout because new areas of the house will have been added to the shoot.)