Los Angeles Location Scouts and Location Requirements

By Amy Takhmazyan | August 23, 2020

The script is written, the director and producers have hashed out their film’s “vision” and there cast has been selected. But, before filming can begin, Los Angeles location scouts need to do their job – find the perfect setting or properties to fit the film’s requirements and shooting schedule.

In order to find the ideal backdrop or film location, Los Angeles film scouts take a number of factors into consideration. These factors can include:

    • The aesthetic of a location – Most important than any other factor, the location needs to fit within the confines of the story being told on screen. Sometimes, subtle changes to the property are needed for that to happen, but for the most part, Los Angeles location scouts find the property that closest matches the film’s requirements.
  • The logistics of the location – In an effort to keep production costs down, a good scout will find film locations within close proximity to each other and the main base of operations for the production team.
  • Cost of the location – When Hollywood films off-set, the production rents the locations they use from regular home- or business-owners. Depending on a number of variables, the rental costs can be very different from location to location. A good Los Angeles location scout will find the best value in the property for the money being spent.
  • Film services requirements – When choosing a property for a film location, consideration has to be made for parking availability, facilities, and areas to house the talent and much more.
  •  Property capabilities – Los Angeles film scouts will have to determine if the property has sufficient power supply to handle the production equipment or if there will be generators required. Also, the scout will have to learn what the lighting is like, both indoors and outdoors, as well as the normal weather conditions of the area.
  • Permission to use the property – Of course, before a property can be used for filming purposes; the Los Angeles location scout will have to get the permission of the property owner as well as from their neighbors and the local government, including law enforcement.

The best Los Angeles location scouts never fail in their consideration of these six factors and they always have a reliable source of properties to choose from. If you want to increase your film location selection in a matter of seconds, visit 5starfilmlocations.com today.