What Do Los Angeles Location Scouts Do?

By Amy Takhmazyan | June 10, 2020

Los Angeles location scouts are some of the most important people in the film production industry. These individuals specialize in finding the perfect background setting or film location for any given production, whether it be a feature film, a television program, a webisode or a commercial.

A Los Angeles location scout begins their search for the ideal location as soon as the script is complete and the director and producers have made their decisions regarding how they want their project to look.

Why are Los Angeles Location Scouts So Important to the Filmmaking Process?

Hollywood film projects cost millions of dollars to produce, so producers are always looking to save money where they can. The producers can save a ton of money filming at outside locations rather than building an entirely new structure for their purpose. In addition, these “real world” locations add just the right amount of realism and authenticity the producers are looking for their project to convey.

By having a Los Angeles location scout search out the ideal location, the studios get exactly the backdrop they are looking for while saving money on production costs.

How Do Los Angeles Location Scouts Find the Perfect Locations?

Many Los Angeles location scouts search for interesting properties on their own time so they can have a database of locations to choose from when needed. Others use a more convenient and efficient way of finding film locations. They use online film location database services.

With an online location database, Los Angeles location scouts can effortlessly search a wide range of properties in a matter of minutes. And, each search can be tailored so locations that don’t fit within the criteria can be avoided. This method saves the scout time and money and opens up an entire new world of location possibilities they may never have known existed.

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