Turn Your Home into a Hollywood Movie Star

By Amy Takhmazyan | October 23, 2019

Behind every actor in every movie, television program or commercial is a setting. And believe it or not, these settings and backdrops are not chosen randomly. They are given much thought and consideration before a studio makes a selection. In many ways, the Los Angeles film locations that make it to the screen are just as important to the film as the actors delivering the lines.

Now imagine if your home is the one gracing the screen. There’s an unbridled excitement that comes with seeing your home as the setting in a movie. And then there’s the money!

Offer Your Home as a Film Location in California and Get Paid

Whenever a Hollywood production needs a realistic backdrop, they often rent homes and businesses. The owners of these properties are handsomely paid during the time the production is taking place. Sometimes a production crew will rent a home for thousands of dollars a day! And best of all, by listing your property with a Hollywood listing agency, your home or business could be the star of numerous projects.

How Scouts Find Film Locations in California

Every studio uses scouts to locate the perfect home or business for their production needs. Rather than drive all around Los Angeles and the surrounding area looking for the ideal spots, these scouts will check with Hollywood’s most reputable listing agencies. For instance, at 5starfilmlocations.com, scouts can simply enter in the criteria for a certain location and in seconds have a number of matches at their fingertips, complete with full-color photos of the property taken from a variety of perspectives. This type of convenience and selection takes the time, money and effort out of finding the perfect film locations in California.

List Your Home as a Film Location in California

When you list your home with a professional listing agency, it’s important to include certain information about your property so scouts can easily determine if yours is the right setting. When making a California film location submission, it always helps if you include the following:

  • Lot size
  • Date built
  • Square footage
  • Property style
  • Parking issues
  • Neighbor issues
  • Previous filming experience

Allow 5 Star Film Locations, Inc. to list your home as a film location. With over 20 years in the real estate business, we know exactly what studio executives are looking for. Maximize your home’s income potential by visiting www.5starfilmlocations.com or by calling 323-654-3900 today.