Looking to Combat Economic Woes? List Your Home as a Film Location!

By Amy Takhmazyan | August 23, 2019

While the housing market may provide more scares and shivers these days than the weekly horror movie offering, there’s no reason why your home can’t be making, rather than costing, you a small fortune. The answer? List your home as a California film location.

How Can I List My Home as a California Film Location?

The big studios employ personnel whose only job is to search for and find the perfect California film locations. These individuals are called location scouts, and they have an excellent idea of what kind of backdrop the director is looking for. To make their job easier and more time-efficient, many of these scouts utilize the services of professional location agencies.

Location agencies keep a directory of properties that are available for use as Hollywood production rentals. For the maximum exposure and the best opportunity, homeowners should first list their property with a reputable location agency. Similar to a traditional real estate agency, a location agency only serves those property owners looking to rent their property to Hollywood and the scouts looking for the ideal setting.

How Much Money can I Make by Listing my Home as a California Film Location?

Imagine – you could receive between $500 and $10,000 a day for renting your home for use in a Hollywood production. Ultimately, the amount you can receive is dependant upon a variety of factors, including the studio doing the filming and how long they will be needing the space, but the truth is, there is a substantial amount of money available to homeowners who offer their house or property as a California film location.

Another bonus is the fact that film notoriety can benefit homeowners if and when it comes time to sell their property. At a time when real estate markets are down, owning a little piece of Hollywood lore can impact how much potential buyers are willing to spend on a property.

For more information about listing your property as a California film location, visit www.5starfilmlocations.com or call 323-654-3900 today.