Let Your House Make Money as a Film Location

By Amy Takhmazyan | March 23, 2019

Every director will tell you, the right film location can make or break a project. Besides the leading actors and the quality of the script, it’s the setting that ultimately creates the world we escape to when we’re sitting in the movie theater. Think about it. Remember the tree-lined sidewalk and the classic contemporary home used in the horror masterpiece, Halloween? How about the climax of Scarface, when Al Pacino takes on the Feds from his balcony? Or, how can you forget the retro-style of one of television’s most famous homes used in The Brady Bunch? It’s California film locations like these that add believability and authenticity to the fantastic worlds we love to watch.

Believe it or not, Hollywood doesn’t build a set for every movie or television program that comes along. In fact, many of the California film locations used in your favorite TV shows and movies are real-life homes and businesses. People actually own these properties. And by renting them out for Hollywood film projects, they can generate an impressive income.

Los Angeles Film Locations are in High Demand

These days, with the price of construction materials and other building considerations, it’s much more cost-effective for studios to simply rent out a home or building rather than create an entire set. This is especially the case with independent films. As a homeowner, you can use this to your advantage and allow your home to be used as a movie backdrop. Scouts are constantly on the lookout for unique California film locations, and if yours is chosen, you could receive a handsome income for the right to use your property.

How to Have Your Home Considered as a Los Angeles Film Location

If you want to maximize the income potential of your property by making it available to Hollywood, you need to get the home in front of the scouts who are searching for California film locations. The easiest way to do this is to submit your property to a location agency that specializes in providing a searchable directory of properties for Hollywood location scouts.

5 Star Film Locations, Inc. can help your property become a star! When you submit your property to 5 Star, it is categorized properly so scouts don’t have to look far to find exactly what they’re looking for. In addition, your property will be well-represented through a series of full-color professional photographs, giving California film location scouts an immediate visual impression of your home or business. Whether your home is a bungalow, an English Tudor or a Victorian, it can become a star when it is made available as a California film location. Visit www.5starfilmlocations.com today to submit your California film location or call 323-654-3900 and speak to one of our experienced agents.