Find the Perfect Los Angeles Film Locations

By Amy Takhmazyan | July 23, 2019

How Hollywood Studio Scouts Find the Perfect Los Angeles Film Locations

In the Cohen Brothers’ film, The Big Lebowski, some of the most memorable scenes take place in a bowling alley. That bowling alley wasn’t a studio-built backdrop; it was an actual bowling alley located on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Los Angeles. Why would a studio film at a real bowling alley rather than build one exclusively for these scenes? Well, it costs the production company much less to rent the space than to build one from scratch. Plus, actual Los Angeles film locations like this provide a deeper sense of realism that just can’t be manufactured in a day or two. If you watch this classic film, you can feel that the bowling alley has a long-standing, rich history. Which is exactly why it made the perfect Los Angeles film location for this particular film.

Studio executives understand how important the film’s locations are to the believability of the story. That’s why studio scouts spend weeks, and sometimes months, searching for the perfect Los Angeles film location for every scene to be filmed.

Today, studio location scouts have a wide range of resources to help them find just the right Los Angeles film locations. Online location directories like the one available from make it extremely easy to find the ideal setting. Los Angeles film locations can quickly be searched by category, neighborhood and/or available property features. And to make the scout’s job even easier, many locations come complete with comprehensive property details and multi-angle, full-color photographs.

If you want your property to be considered by studio location scouts for use in an upcoming feature film, television program or commercial, all you have to do is register your property as a Los Angeles film location. If your property catches the eye and meets the needs of the location scout, then you could be renting out your property for a handsome sum of money and watching it on the big screen before you know it!